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We like to have fun at Deneb and we will post anything that amuses me.

Trend micro make hacking look cool

Trend Micro released a video to dramatise the hacking of a corporation. I thought it was really rather good.
Cyber espionage from an insider’s perspective. See how a group of persistent attackers break through corporate security, explore the network at will and make off with the gold. This video is based on the true story of how a global corporation was hacked, costing the victim more than $60 million.

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Written by Sam Rowe on behalf of Deneb

Programming tester

I know lots of people who have wanted to try to program but don’t know where to start…

I get asked all the time questions like

  • What software do I need?
  • What’s an IDE?
  • Which books the best to start with?
  • What language do you use?
  • Which language should I try?

These are not simple questions and they distract from the core question

“Will I enjoy programming?”

I have found a website that lets you answer this basic question.

It is a website supported by Waterloo University that guides you from basic concepts of programming though some simple examples / questions all done on the web page to let you try it and learn from the experience. I really like the way it has been constructed so that you can see when you have passed a question and you can also have a hierarchy of tutors to help you out and monitor your progress.

My user tag on the CSCircles is TineInevitableT you can add me as your Guru if you want any help.


Everybody out!

The mars rover started me (as I am certain it did for many people) thinking about the universe.

Then I came across a funny article on XKCD what if called Everybody Out which is part of the new What If collection from Randle Munroe which throws in a bit of humor while trying to answer pretty silly questions such as “Is there enough energy to move the entire current human population off-planet?”

I wont spoil the answer…..