What is DevOps? a book published by O’Reilly

The book What is DevOps? a book published by O’Reilly is a quick guide to DevOps aimed at infrastructure and operation peeps who have been wondering what all the fuss is about. It is less than 20 pages long so don’t expect war and peace or a full breakdown of how to do it in your business. What you will find is a primer to the DevOps movement and how it got there through history.

I enjoyed the commentary and have already recommended it to a couple of people who I think would benefit from DevOps injected into their businesses.

Should you read it? If you don’t know what DevOps is then the answer is a resounding yes you should. If you are on the edge or getting on the bus then it will help to corroborate other sources. However if you are already in, I probably wouldn’t bother.

How much is it? FREE, yep you heard that right it’s free so you have no excuse.