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Google Apps for business

I read an interesting article on The Register that as an Infrastructure Administrator I don’t agree with.

The article is based upon survey results from large blue chip firms in the UK and they effectively responded  that they didn’t see Google’s services being ready for large business.

Deneb has been using Google Apps for business for 18 months and my current full time employer uses Google Apps for business for a reasonable scale organization so I believe I have enough experience with the product and service to tell you that there is some smoke an mirrors going on with these respondents.

I am sure that some truly believe that Google Apps are not ready for  business however there are some that are replying no to keep the business advantage to themselves.

The best things about Google Apps for business

  • The cost a few dollars per users per month
  • E-Mail server management is outsourced hardware and software
  • Spam and anti virus for your E-Mail is based upon heuristics for millions of accounts
  • On-line office application that has enough features to use daily without the extra licensing $ (or £ here in the UK)
  •  Collaboration is simple, live and encouraged. It’s amasing to work on a document live with someone in another country being able to see what they type where integrated with Google chat to discuss the changes being made.
  • Single sign on to other Google Apps and services. One Google account can get you into the web master tools, the E-Mail administration, the blog admin, the youtube account ect…..
  • Two factor authentication is a simple switch per user so your accounts jump in security

There are lots more cool features but only so much room to blog. If your company wants to look at ditching its old crufty mail and office solution in return for an always on the Internet solution Deneb can help you just E-Mail contact@deneb.co.uk to discuss.