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Router woes

I have an old WRN150n router at home, it old the web GUI stinks and it struggles with my 20mb/s Internet connection. I decided that a refresh was in order.

Wish list

  • IPv6
  • open VPN tunnels
  • performance
  • nice GUI
  • low power (sub 10 watts)

I tried upgrading my old router to DDWRT firmware.

This is a relatively simple if time consuming practice of doing a 30-30-30 reset on the router. Yes that’s effectively switch it off and on again. Then upload the new firmware, wait and do another 30-30-30.

Once I had upgraded I came across my first problem.

The wan (Internet) interface setting was for some inexplicable reason bound to the wireless?

After figuring out that eth2 was wireless, eth1 should be wan and eth0 was the LAN switch I could get I online!

Performance was great over wires! but my second issue arose.

Wifi issues on the router

The wireless configuration in DDWRT is awful and it doesn’t work. I won’t bore with the complete list of vairiables I meticulously changed one by one surfice to say it was enough to convince me to roll the firmware back.

Cisco router factor

My next problem, Cisco who bought Linksys has dropped support for my trusty old router and that includes dropping the download of the firmware.

I eventually found it but it shouldn’t be this hard!

The hunt for a new router

I started the hunt for a replacement……
That’s for another post another time.

Deneb is available IPv6

Steps taken to get www.deneb.co.uk available via IPv6

  • Test www.deneb.co.uk via IPv6 validate – http://ipv6-test.com/validate.php
  • Raise support ticket with ISP to get native IPv6 address (this could be done with an IPv6 tunnel)
  • Apply IPv6 network configuration to server
  • Change firewall to allow http over IPv6
  • Add quad A record to DNS
  • Chnage Apache config to respond on IPv6 address hostname combo
  • Test that it now does validate

Why test first? its the test driven way, Test (fail), Enable, Test again, Re factor if necessary

Now Deneb is available IPv6 !

Exhausted IPv4 in europe

There are only 4 billion addresses in IPv4 and RIPE is down to the last 16 million in Europe. At its current rate of usage (4 Million every 10 days) RIPE would exhaust its supply in 40 days. To alleviate the issue rationing of new addresses has been stepped up.

What is an IPv4 address

An Internet Protocol v4 address (IPv4 or just IP address for short) quite simply the address used for a device in a network using IPv4.

Each IPv4 address is a 32 bit number represented in 4 octets separated by dots. eg

A singe Internet connected device can have more than one address and addresses cannot be transferred easily ( if an address is used in north Africa and the computer is switched off the address cannot just be re allocated in north America )

What is the solution

IPv4 has a replacement protocol IPv6 where the address space has been expanded from 32 bits ( 2^32 addresses = 4,294,967,296) to a 128 bit address space (2 ^ 128 = 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456 ) which is a lot more.

I cannot speak for all languages but the Python 2.7 Library for sockets describes the implementation as being IPv4/IPv6 neutral. So in theory Python apps using the default libraries would not need code changes to work in an IPv6 environment.

Start getting involved today, look at getting an IPv6 certification from Hurricane Electric. Petition your ISP to give you IPv6. Start to understand your firewall better ready to implement IPv6.

Look at getting your web site live to return on IPv6 and IPv4.

Original source of this RIPE IPv4 exhaustion – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-19600718#