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Tiny core Linux

A quick post about a tiny version of Linux. I was recently introduced to Tiny Core Linux because I had an old machine that needed a very light weight operating system. the download shows how small a fully functional OS can be.

Core starts at 8 MB and it only includes a command line interface, I recommend downloading the full on 64MB Core Plus edition as this includes drivers for wireless and runs pretty well on my old Dell Laptop.

As for performance you are in for a treat. On my old Dell that is 9 years old it boots from disk in less time that the BIOS takes to check the RAM. Once in the system runs using less than 70MB of RAM! On my Asus Eee PC  it runs a treat (once I installed Tiny Core Linux instead of Windows 7 Starter)

The downside of this performance is productivity.The Core Plus install does have a GUI but it doesn’t come with any software installed; that is all done post boot and off the Internet via a built in app installation tool.

You can customize the image to include software but it will be loaded into RAM at boot if you do and then degrade the performance.

Overall I like the OS as a Linux install from an old memory stick. Its quick and as long as you have an Internet connection its usable as an emergency tool or on an old slow PC.