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Router woes

I have an old WRN150n router at home, it old the web GUI stinks and it struggles with my 20mb/s Internet connection. I decided that a refresh was in order.

Wish list

  • IPv6
  • open VPN tunnels
  • performance
  • nice GUI
  • low power (sub 10 watts)

I tried upgrading my old router to DDWRT firmware.

This is a relatively simple if time consuming practice of doing a 30-30-30 reset on the router. Yes that’s effectively switch it off and on again. Then upload the new firmware, wait and do another 30-30-30.

Once I had upgraded I came across my first problem.

The wan (Internet) interface setting was for some inexplicable reason bound to the wireless?

After figuring out that eth2 was wireless, eth1 should be wan and eth0 was the LAN switch I could get I online!

Performance was great over wires! but my second issue arose.

Wifi issues on the router

The wireless configuration in DDWRT is awful and it doesn’t work. I won’t bore with the complete list of vairiables I meticulously changed one by one surfice to say it was enough to convince me to roll the firmware back.

Cisco router factor

My next problem, Cisco who bought Linksys has dropped support for my trusty old router and that includes dropping the download of the firmware.

I eventually found it but it shouldn’t be this hard!

The hunt for a new router

I started the hunt for a replacement……
That’s for another post another time.